Antimicrobial enzyme with wide use scope
Food is very sensitive to microbial contamination . Lysozyme is approved as a microbial inhibitor in food industry and holds Health Label . However, egg-derived lysozyme which makes the product resistant against gr+ bacteria is not used much because it causes allergic reactions .
Microbial Lysozyme Lysoch G and liquid Lysozyme Lysoch L4 which are derived from Bacterium Streptomyces sp don't have all the mentioned limitations and are highly suitable for destruction of the cell wall of gr+ and gr- bacteria in low temperature processed food. In other words , it controls gr+ and gr- bacteria growth in dairy products such as milk , yogurt and cheese .

 Effect Point of Lysozyme:

Preventing premature and late swelling in cheese destroying Forms and Clostridium Botulinum completely .

Main advantages of the Lysozyme

-Without genetic alteration and allergens
-Destroying gr+ and gr- bacteria
-Holding Health Label
-Increasing product's durability

Application areas