MPC. Milk Protein Concentrate Powder

 MPC.Milk Protein Concentrate Powder

Milk protein concentrate or MPC is produced from fresh milk with Ultra Filtration and Spray Drayer methods . The superb production technology gives it high solubility . It contains 40-85 % protein and because of having such a strong protein composition it is used in a variety of dairy and meat products for increasing dry matter and creating strong discoloration . This powder contains protein , Casein as well as soluble and absorbable proteins β-lactaglobin , Alpha-lactaglobin and Immuno globin and has a high nutritional value .
This powder also has Emulsification function .

Milk Protein Powder Application in Food Industry :

1 . A replacement for Sodium Caseinate for creating a smooth and uniform texture in the product .
2 . Improving texture and nutritional values of dairy products such as yogurt , cheese , cream , milk
3 . Used in meat products to increase protein content

Application areas