The best gr+ antibacterial substance with herbal source
Nisin is a Bactrain Peptid produced by controlled fermentation in a milk-based environment, and after extraction and drying it is mixed with salt . Dry Nisin is so stable and its storage temperature is below 25 degree Celsius .
Nisin is a natural microorganism and once it is used in food , it decomposes with prostatic enzymes , that is why there will be no transmission and gathering of this substance inside body and it is one of the additives in GRAS list . Nisin not only increases durability in foodstuff by preventing the growth of gr+ bacteria , but also reduces time of production temperature . Nisin is a natural microorganism which is used in processed food and also during production process to increase product's shelf life by decomposing gr+ sperm and pathogenic bacteria .

Nisin's Main Advantages :

-Inhibiting the growth of gr+ bacteria , pathogens , heat-resistant species specially spore bacteria such as Clostridium Spurgeens , Clostridium Betricom and Ventrobuterium
Herbal source and cost-effective -
-No effect on color and taste
Natural and eco-friendly -

Nisin Consumption :

-Process cheese , hard and semi-hard cheese , soft cheese ( Feta cheese and white cheese) and creamy cheese
-All kinds of flavored milk , simple milk , reconstituted milk products , cream , ricotta
-Soy milk , non-dairy milk , dairy desserts , a variety of salad sauce , bakery products
-Liquid and powder egg , all kinds of salad and ready-made food
-Raw and processed meat products
-The juice and drinks

Application areas