TG enzyme


TG Enzyme


The Microbial Transglutaminase Enzyme

Transglutaminase is not a stabilizer or a thickener , it is actually a biological product made by some types of the Bacillus and Streptorticillium , and it is separated by special methods and along with a carrier in powder form goes to the market . This natural enzyme improves the functional properties of the protein and modifies its function by creating covalent bonds between Glutamine and Lysine . These bonds are highly resistant , insoluble and irreversible and have no side effects like changing the taste , sedimentation in the product and endangering consumer's health at all .
Active Transglutaminase connects protein compounds in food to each other . These connections which are referred to as GL , create a better and more resistant texture in food during the process . These connections are so stable and highly resistant against factors like PH changes and heat effect .
It strengthens yogurt's jelly-like texture , improves the creamy texture and creates a shiny color , preserves the lymph in yogurt , reduces the consumption of powdered solids and stabilizers (cost-effective) , removes gelatin and resinous materials .
This enzyme has a significant effect on improving the quality of meat products , dairy products , grain , etc

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