Goals and prospects


Company goals

The role of industrial and economic development in the field of food science and technology, engineering (machinery and equipment) and environmentally friendly feedstock.   Reduce production costs and increase product quality and drive manufacturers in line with superior production.
Contemplating managers and industry owners to address their concerns and concerns and provide practical solutions to the food industry.
Shortening the way, to bring manufacturers to the knowledge of the day and the new scientific methods of food industry and advice for the exchange of scientific and scientific information.


Company vision

Fixing the challenges of industries and managers in the production and implementation of productive safely.   Creating a system for the registration and evaluation of various food industry producers.
The collection of the most efficient food industry experts to provide the best suggestions in the food industry sciences.
Leading in the health of the country's food products by providing raw materials and quality additives and providing a healthy life for dear consumers and citizens.  
 So, in order to achieve this vision, we will work in this valuable way.