Respecting customer's trust is the main
purpose of our team

Dayan Arman is a dynamic supplier of nutritional supplements and essential oils

Dayan Arman Pouya is a trading-engineering company with several years of experience , which has started its activity in various fields of food industries including importing and selling food additives , anti-mold and anti-yeast , Natamycin , Nisin(Nizin) E-Polylysin, dairy Starters (yogurt and cheese) , dairy Stabilizers ( yogurt , Doogh,…) , Transglutaminase enzyme , supplying stainless steel parts and fittings . dayan Arman Pouya , over the years of its activity , has always tried to present the best products and services by taking international agents and has been able to take a step towards solving the problems of directors and industry owners in collaboration with experienced experts and specialists of food industry and utilization of scientific and international communications . According to the company's policy on respecting customer's trust about supplying qualified and original goods , Dayan Arman Pouya Co has taken a new step in presenting goods and has addressed the needs , expectations and requirements of customers .



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