stabilizer for doogh


Stabilizers are used in dairy and meat industry , sauce and desserts . Stabilizers are substances that increase the value of the final product with their qualitative properties . They can compensate for product deficiencies that result from milk or the process to a large extent.
In food industry , stabilizers are used to increase product's consistency , stability and quality and to reduce the final price . Their ingredients are different in different industries.
There are two kinds of Stabilizers:

Single phase Doogh Stabilizer.1


2 . Condenser Doogh Stabilizer

Condenser Stabilizer is used to increase the consistency and stability of the product .
Single phase stabilizer prevents sedimentation in Doogh and doesn't let it become two- phased . (getting two-phased : It should be shaken well before using so that the materials mix together ) and keeps Doogh single phase for 45 days .
Stabilizer is used in different industries to preserve the texture . It reduces yogurt consumption up to 30% and is cost-effective .

Application areas