Natamaycin 50%

Natamaycin 50%

Natamaycin 50% is a compound of Natamaycin and Lactose as a Carrier which is used in food industry to prevent the growth of mold and yeast . Natamaycin 50% , whose active ingredient is an antifungal pelin macrolide , is a combination of Natamaycin and Lactose and has a high ability in fighting against all the fungi ( including mold and yeast ) . Natamaycin 50% is effective in low concentration , controls the poison made by fungi , is effective in a wide range of PH (3-9) and has a good thermal stability . Natamaycin 50% is an anti-mold and anti-yeast .

Main Advantages of Natamaycin 50% :

-A natural anti-mold and anti-yeast substance
-Product's durability increaser
-Cost-effective and eco-friendly
-Prevents the growth of resistant species to Natamaycin
-It's not irritant

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